Export in and around the potato sector has been very successful lately. For example, the Dutch export of seed potatoes was a booming business in the last crop year. To provide even more service to this market, companies are increasingly keen to have their own range of varieties.

For crop farmers who wish to employ precision farming techniques optimally and in order to achieve higher potato yields, Van Iperen BV in Westmaas has developed the TT concept. One of the crop farms that is participating in this specialist crop advice concept for precision farming is Thes Agro, an agricultural holding in Burgh- Haamstede.

On 13 February, the members of the Royal-ZAP cooperative in Ewijcksluis adopted the takeover of seed potato merchant Semagri in Lelystad. Semagri’s director/ owner Lammert Buwalda (67) is very happy that he can transfer the company, which he set up in 2002, to the cooperative with the full confidence of its members.

Potatobility. That is the future-oriented, catch-all power term that an ambitious project team is using to secure the eleventh World Potato Congress (WPC) for the Dutch town of Emmeloord in four years’ time. The specially-compiled Bid Book with the same title has already been submitted to the WPC organisation in Canada.

Not long ago, I got a call from a customer who told me that his grading and bunker installation caused bruising. I should point out that this installation had been running without any problems for some years now.

Switzerland has experienced two difficult growing seasons with extra imports of seed and consumption potatoes. ‘If we don’t have an average harvest this year, I expect that the potato area will be seriously reduced next year’...

The request from growers for a simple and safe solution for the vertical sealing of air ducts in modern box storage facilities has led to the development by Mooij Agro in Hegelsom of the vertical Climbing Air Bag.

Sustaining existing business relations and looking for new ones. That’s what it’s all about at Fruit Logistica. The annual international fruit and vegetable show in Berlin held its 25th edition this year.

Bodywork manufacturer H.W. van der Peet & Zn. in Nieuwkoop celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The company’s big success started in 1967 with a unique invention: the belt trailer.

World potato production could reach 400 million tonnes for the first time this year and may reach 500 million tonnes within the next decade, says Cedric Porter, co-editor of World Potato Markets.

The film that Kiremko showed its international guests during its 50th anniversary sums up all that the Dutch manufacturer of machinery for the potato processing industry stands for. A curious boy who finds a treasure in a beautiful potato crop and takes it on a journey of discovery.

In the early nineties I was involved in a study for the international potato center (CIP) that identified the yielding possibilities of potatoes worldwide. We calculated the potential yield and yield under water limited conditions. (Stol et al., 1991).

This spring, Bejo Zaden BV in Warmenhuizen acquired plant breeders’ rights for the True Potato Seed (TPS) Oliver variety. This raises the question of how the plant breeders’ rights protocol has been adapted for this TPS variety.

If you have decided to miss out on meat once a week so as to be more aware of animal welfare and the fair distribution of food in the world, you may rightly call yourself a flexitarian.

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